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Where do I find data sheets and technical details?

Further information is available in these documents

Where can I buy polytouch®?
  1. polytouch® is available solely through our partner network. Please contact us to learn more about it.
  2. Non-commercial end users can buy polytouch® from our authorized resellers. A dealer directory is available. Please click here for further information.
  3. Professional end users can purchase polytouch® through our partner network.
  4. Multi media agencies and application developers can join our partner network.
    We offer our partners project terms, project support and lead management.
  5. If you're planning polytouch® project, please contact us. We'll find the perfect partner whether you need creative agencies, developers or complete project management.
  6. Our current prices are available on request. Please contact us.

Where can I evaluate polytouch®?

polytouch® will be at various trade fairs in 2018, where you can explore the intuitive operation of polytouch® live.
We look forward to meeting you at one of our next events!
Of course we also have tickets for you

polytouch® units are available for loan periods in agreement with Pyramid. Please contact us for a concrete enquiry.

Is polytouch® extensible?

polytouch® can be extended very easily. The so-called extension modules are attached to the sides of polytouch® and blend harmoniously with the design.
However, there must be made a distinction between the different configurations and sizes of the polytouch® systems. For further questions and an individual quotation please contact us.

How do you mount the extension modules?

Watch the instruction video about the mounting procedure.

How do you assemble the polytouch® pedestal?

Watch the instruction video about the pedestal assembly.

Where do I get Software/Applications for polytouch®?

polytouch® is an open system so you can create applications yourself. polytouch® needs no additional driver installation and is recognized as an input device when running Windows 7/ 8/ 10. Professional applications are available through our partner network. Our software partners have many years experience in the design of interactive software.

What's so special about projected capacitive technology?

polytouch® uses projected capacitive technology for touch detection.
Two sensor layers with conductive strips are used. The isolated strips serve as transmitting and receiving units. The exact position of a finger is placed at the intersection of two strips can be determined by a charge surplus.

The projected capacitive technology differs from optical methods for touch detection:

  1. Ultra low latency (Video)
    Optical signals recorded with (infrared) cameras must be processed. The capacitive technology processes signals faster and provides lag-free operation.

  2. Daylight independence
    Infrared-based systems are sensitive to light. Although optical filters may reduce the problem,  use in very bright environments or outdoors is not recommended. Capacitive systems are completely insensitive to daylight.

  3. Superior image quality
    Optical touch based on back projection (e.g., Microsoft Surface) produces, a dull image due to the technology involved. Projected capacitive technology does not affect the image quality of the underlying display.

  4. Frameless design with no image shift
    Since capacitive touch screens can be placed at a minimal distance from the display, there is no offset between the image information and the touch point. Furthermore, frameless designs are possible, because no sensors are attached to the edge of the display.

An overview of the various touch technologies

Projected Capacitive Technology

What warranty terms does Pyramid offer for the polytouch®®?

Tailored warranty terms and service agreements are available upon request - general polytouch® terms and conditions apply. Further information on our warranty terms is available here.

Is a support hotline for polytouch® systems available?

Contact information for the polytouch® support hotline will be provided once a relevant agreement has been concluded.

Can external displays be connected to the polytouch®?

An optional HDMI port can be used to connect an additional monitor to the polytouch®.

What is special about the polytouch® systems?

polytouch® is the ultimate omnichannel solution for a wide range of industries and application areas for product presentations, self-management of check out processes, as well as an information terminal.

polytouch® is characterized by an optimal multitouch recognition and thanks to its projected capacitive touch technology (PCT) the system is completely insensitive to daylight, sunshine, artificial lighting and infrared radiation.

The easily added hardware peripherals make the systems extremely future-proof.

Also the individual customization of the systems is possible in small quantities.

What does customization mean?

The polytouch® POS system is not only the ultimate customizable solution due to the patent pending Quick Mounting System (QMS). The design can also be completely customized to customer requirements. Various surfaces and colours are possible.

A further highlight is that the system can be equipped with a backlit logo or lettering.

A first impression of the different possibilities of customization you can get here.