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Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service


Let's take a look into the future. Pyramid offers a voice control interface for indoor positioning applications.


Why Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service

Help your staff working safe and hands free. The Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service saves time and let your staff get all information about guests or customers orders and positions. No matter where they are.

What means Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service

The Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service enables you to access cloud-based voice capabilities with the support of localization hardware and software and documentation. It simplifies building voice-based applications for the need of your restaurant service.

What can you ask for via voice?

  • Get Table and Zone of guest position
  • Get Order information
  • Page the guest for self-service
  • Inform which guest order is going to be served
  • Add more guest order to table, like fries or soft drinks
  • Get information about waiting time
  • Detects and warns about unintentional theft

How to use Smart Voice Table Service

Your PLS license will be linked to an appropriate account. Then just invoke the Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service via an Alexa-enabled device like a Echo or a head set. You get real time positioning data and sales data via voice.

Why voice control in general

Complexity increase fires need for more intuitive interfaces. Easy-to-use interfaces (UI) that offer complex application possibilities are needed. Meanwhile, there are great advances in speech recognition and machine learning. In addition, wearables such as smart watches and earables are technically mature. These enable simple interaction.
Pyramid looks into the future and decided to develop this skill especially for indoor localization and restaurant automation.



  • Enables enhanced service
  • Stress and cost reducing
  • Keep track, always, hands free
  • Time saving service


  • Positioning information via voice
  • Information in any situation
  • Future-proof technology
  • Customizable


29. April 2020

RetailEXPO 2020