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Pyramid Location System (PLS)


The PLS (Pyramid Location System) is an flexible and open localization and automation system for location based services. It delivers unparalleled, highly accurate indoor positiong - in real time (RTLS). Its hard- and software components enable your organization to introduce location relevant services and applications. Unlike other Bluetooth BLE based beaconing solutions, PLS measures the exact location of a tag device or smartphone by Angle-of-Arrival method, which results in a 6 inch positioning accuracy.

Table Service

Automate restaurant service.



Engage customer in retail business.


Individual Use Case

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Technics - Methods - Algorithms

PLS is a superbly designed combination of technics, methods and algorithms. To achieve unrivalled robust and accurate real-time positioning, it calculates the exact position of a tag device or smartphone by the Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method. PLS takes the advantages of long Tag battery lifetime and compatibility to mobile devices with using Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology.


Method Angle of Arrival

AoA Signal Processing – Unrivaled Accuracy Robustness

Most other Bluetooth® positioning methods use the signal strength (RSSI) to calculate location data. PLS processes the direction of a radio signal transmitted by a BLE Tag or “Puck”. This method ensures the accuracy of measurement is always between 6” and 10” irrespective of the distance or elevation of the object.


Smartphone Compatible

The PLS can locate any Bluetooth® Low Energy device transmitting a specified radio packet.

Innovative Automation

The innovative mechatronical dispensing unit helps to automate sales processes. It is easily integrated in digitised environments and enables highest automation with binding positioning information to data of sales or services processes.

Pyramid Smart Voice Table Service

For the convenience of your staff and the guests PLS offers the Pyramid smart voice table service to get order or positioning information of guests. This feature ist combined with the Pyramid Restaurant Automation.

Includes API

API open for ISVs

Based on fully documented and open API infrastructure it is easy to
integrate PLS into your existing systems. The system provides documents for standard JSON formats.

PLS Antenna

Application for Indoor and Outdoor

PLS can include FCC and CE certified antennas for rough and
large environments. Casings are IP classified and cover an area
for accurate positioning up to 150,000 sq ft with one antenna.


Monitoring and Remote Access

The system includes tools for managing and monitoring infrastructure and alerts. Remote access enables quick response in case of urgent requests.


Better comfort, better service, more sales – PLS for hospitality

With PLS you can provide your guests with exceptional benefits: Quick, easy ordering and payment using a smartphone or at an order kiosk. Their order can then find them at the table of their choice. Welcome to the restaurant of the future... your guests will be amazed!


Order process

The guest makes his/her choice using a smartphone app or an order kiosk. After the order has been placed, the kiosk can either dispense an intelligent localisation puck, or the guest uses PLS for identification with his smartphone. From the moment the order has been placed, serving staff can track the location of the customer on the screen, no matter where the customer is in the restaurant area. You can even see when your guest suddenly decides to change tables. Once the food has been prepared, it can be served to the right table.



For staff queries about the order, for example, a signal can be sent to the puck or the smartphone. For this, either text messages (only if using smartphones or the premium version of the pucks), light signals in different colours, vibration signals or alarm sounds can be used.


Integrated local solution

If guests are using their own smartphone, this is indicated on the printed receipt. Otherwise, the puck will be collected by staff when serving the order and placed back in the kiosk, where it is charged ready for the next customer. With a reserve of 20 pucks per kiosk, there are always enough charged pucks available.
PLS is the only localisation system on the market that offers such a straightforward closed solution. All the necessary functions such as registration/de-registration and charging are integrated in the dispensing kiosks and administered locally.


System requirements

For PLS to operate effectively the restaurant must be fitted with bluetooth receivers on the ceiling. The number of receivers necessary depends on the size and shape of the room. As a general rule of thumb, every possible guest location should be "visible" by 4 ceiling receivers. 5 to 6 receivers are usually sufficient for a rectangular dining room of 10 by 15 metres, for example. More information on PLS components can be found here.



Enhanced service, better information, better control – PLS in retail

Whether in the supermarket or a clothing store, improving the customer experience is a key objective. Providing accurate local information is an important element in improving the experience. PLS provides all the functionality you need for this: Learn which offers your customers find attractive and help them find the products or special offers they are looking for. Using indoor localisation services, you can not only offer your customers additional services, but open up your shop or supermarket to new revenue opportunities at the same time.


Heat maps

Would you like to know how many customers you have, where they are, at which times and for what reasons? WLAN systems do not always provide the reliable accurate data necessary to pinpoint their location.The PLS app provides a solution that enables accurate positioning of approx.15 cm without draining the customer's smartphone battery. This accuracy provides a precise record of instore customer activity, giving you the chance to allocate resources and offer specific customer benefits.


Navigation help

Accurate wayfinding has benefits for everyone. Your customer not only benefits from special offers, but is also shown an accurate route to the products of their choice. PLS allows them to find a quick and straightforward way to a desired product from anywhere in the shop. Through the PLS app, your customers’ smartphones can be used to precisely locate them on the sales floor and show them a visual route to the product they are looking for. They can also save time by making a shopping list that will optimise their route for them and sort it according to the way in which the retail outlet is organised. Real value to your customers – and for you!

Individual offers

Individualised push-messages when passing certain hotspots can significantly improve sales. Without accurate location finding the push message can be distracting and frustrating. With PLS accurate to approx. 15 cm your customer receives targeted information and promotions on his/her smartphone, just before he/she passes through the relevant location. If you make use of VIP, Family-, membership- or loyalty programmes, you can highlight special offers to your selected customer base immediately after their arrival in the retail outlet (and upon activation of the app). For example, you can offer your customers a coffee or a complementary service, in the warehouse or on the shop floor, while they continue their shopping as planned.



One system delivers all components

All the components required for your indoor positioning application are supplied by Pyramid in one package.





Pucks are lightweight and Bluetooth low energy consuming tag
devices. They can individually be printed in any colour. Pucks can also support paging solutions.




Table Tents

Table Tents can individually be printed in realistic colours. They are lightweight and unbreakable tags for guests or customers. They can be located in any location of the monitored area.



The PLS Receiver is discreetly and elegantly designed to fit unobtrusively into any indoor environment. It is a compact and lightweight device, and comes with an easy to use mounting bracket.

 PLS Hub Gen1


Server Hub

Our PLS server hub manages all communication throughout the entire PLS infrastructure. It receives data from the antennas, manages the data through the advanced positioning algorithms, to provide an accurate location. It offers a standard JSON/REST- push/pull API, that enables seamless integration with your individual application.



Automatic puck dispensing unit

The dispensing unit has a capacity of 20 Puck devices and is an
additional HW-module for polytouch Passport Kiosks.



Project planning and visualization

Pyramid uses comprehensive software for understanding and mapping your environment. It enables an efficient deployment  and configuration of the Pyramid Locating System in your business.



Restaurant Automation and Table Service


Restaurant Automation and Smart Voice Table service

Pyramid Location System - - Amazon Alexa


Radio-based technologies

Pyramid Computer has significant expertise in the indoor location sector and has developed a number of location  products. We use this expertise to create the best mix of hardware, software for the sector.

We know there are a number of competing technologies in the indoor localisation sectors and  a simple comparison can help customers understand the benefits of each type.  A starting point is to  distinguish the technology used and the methodology adopted to determine the position. PLS has adopted the ultimate mix of technology and methodology to provide the perfect indoor positioning solution.  

The following table compares a number of radio-based technologies and their attributes

Accuracy 4in - 8in
(0,1m - 0,2m)
10ft - 20ft
(3m - 6m)
Smartphone usage (/) (/) (x) (x)
HW costs medium low medium-high medium
Real-Time (/) (x) (/) (/)
Setup easy complex complex complex
TCO low medium medium-high low

PLS - AoA on BLE

PLS uses unique Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) signal processing method. This enables the superior positioning accuracy. The combination of AoA methodology and Bluetooth® technology ensures long lifetime and interference-less operations, smartphone capability in real time.


  • PLS provides precise localisation within a range of 6 to 10 inch.
  • Smartphone localization
  • Fastest setup
  • Lowest TCO
  • Smartphone localization
  • Software defined Zones,
  • No tag calibration needed


Beaconing (BLE RSSI)

The RSSI method based on Bluetooth® offers similar accuracy to WLAN, about 3 to 6 meter. But it provides different precise measurements depending on the number of people present. For improved accuracy to use for table or retail service multiple BLE beacons are required in each room, increasing installation time and costs.

Ultra‐Wideband (UWB)

UWB have the ability to penetrate building materials such as concrete, glass and wood and this can lead to multiple reflections which may affect the accuracy of the measurement. The different methods on UWB are ToF (Time-of-Flight) and TDoA (Time-Distance-of-Arrival). To calculate the position with trilateration, the distance between the UWB hardware is used.


RFID tags are attached to the tables. For example, to locate a guest, a tag must be attached at a maximum distance of 5 cm from the transponder. The system is robust and delivers accurate results. In addition, it is not possible to use smartphones, and tracking cannot take place in places that are not tagged, such as corridors, an adjacent table or if the puck is stored in a bag.